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The Supernatural

What is the supernatural?

The concept of the supernatural refers to things or phenomena believed to be above or beyond the influence of the natural laws (such as gravity, electromagnetism, metabolism, etc) that you and I are familiar with. Such phenomena usually defy explanation based on the prevailing scientific theories of the day.

For instance, it is natural for humans to walk on the surface of the earth, held down by the force of gravity. Therefore if we meet a man who floats around on the air without any visible support (thus defying the usual gravitational attraction which the earth exerts on his body) such would be seen as a supernatural man.

However, if we came across such a man, it would be wise not to hastily jump to the conclusion that we have found a supernatural man without first exhausupernatural_imagesting all possibilities that he may have found a way to neutralize the earth’s gravitational attraction on his body. Once a demonstrable explanation is found for a phenomenon it usually ceases to be regarded as supernatural!

Knowledge and Sensitivity

Based on our discussion so far it follows that whether or not a person is likely to believe in the supernatural depends on how much factual knowledge he has about visible and invisible phenomena. For instance, to a complete primitive without any knowledge of chemistry, the simple striking of a matchstick to produce fire may seem like a supernatural occurrence because of his level of understanding.

Another factor is the level of psychic sensitivity or spiritual awakening of the individual concerned. Some things and conditions are real to some people which others are completely unconscious of.

Thus a person of great psychic sensitivity may perceive the auras of people, sense their thoughts or even perceive astral projections and spiritual entities, without considering them as anything but natural events (if s/he understands the laws by which such phenomena occur)

Believers of this concept tend to attribute any strange or baffling phenomenon to it (often without proper and adequate investigation).

“The supernatural is the natural not yet understood” – Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915)

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