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The Kabbalah

The doctrines of the Kabbalah constitute the basis of much of the spirituality and self-improvement concepts of the western world.

Consisting of a set of teachings that reveal the inner meanings of the Bible and of traditional Rabbinical literature, these esoteric doctrines teach that God is neither spirit nor matter, but the Creator of both.

It postulates that there are ten emanations of God – called Sephiroth or Dimensions – with which He creates the universe. These ten Sephiroth (singular: Sephirah) are considered revelations of the will of the highest intelligence of the Life Force (God).

Personal growth is attained by cultivating the moral values and attributes of the sephiroth, thus aligning with the Creative will of God. One thereby spiritually qualifies for greater control over universal forces and energies.

The ten sephiroth or dimensions are arranged into what is called the Tree of Life (shown below, with the sephiroth represented as circles numbered 1 to 10). This is an esoteric symbol within the kabbalah used to describe the path to God and the manner in which He created the world out of nothing.

The Tree of Life



The names of the sephiroth (as numbered above) are:

1. Keter (Supreme Crown or Will)

2. Chochmah (Wisdom)

3. Binah (Understanding)

4. Chesed (Mercy)

5. Gevurah (Justice or Force)

6. Tiferet (Beauty)

7. Netzach (Victory)

8. Hod (Glory)

9. Yesod (Foundation)

10. Malchut (Kingdom)

Concerning the relationship of these attributes to self improvement and spirituality, these ten sephiroth represent the ten dimensions in which God manifests and are reflected in the structure of man – since man is created in the image of God.

The sephiroth being not only the dimensions of the universe, but also the constituent elements of the human mind, it becomes clear how self improvement results from utilizing the correct keys for the mastery of each of these spheres.

Now, the tenth sephiroth – Malchut (Kingdom) – is the fruition or manifestation of all the other dimensions. Malchut is the dimension of finite being, which we already possess since each of us has a physical body.

This is why we only need the nine keys to the remaining dimensions…


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The Kabbalah
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