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“Every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all thingsā€¦”*

Temperance is the evolutionary Foundation…


Temperance is a basic requirement in harnessing all available forces to attain excellence. To be temperate in all things is to be attached to none. This implies an attitude of detachment.

Indeed, you cannot expect to ascend the tree of life to higher levels of Grace without a sound grounding in Detachment. To transcend the merely physical level of existence and function in the higher, non-physical dimensions, this attribute manifested as DETACHMENT is indispensible.

Cultivating detachment, you learn to perceive and feel – not in the biased, self-centred and narrow-minded way that most humans do – but in the objective and universal way of Truth.

As you begin thus to adjust your perceptions and feelings to match the viewpoint of the Infinite Spirit, you will grow in your attunement with natural forces. You will more easily grasp the truth of any situation; your plans will more easily come to pass, being based on objective truth.

Most appropriately, this sephirah is called Yesod (Foundation). For upon this stable Foundation of Detachment must we commence our ascent of the tree of life. Without a foundation of objectivity and impersonality how can you grasp changeless truths?…

* – 1 Cor. 9:25.

“We are not here to set the world right but to see it right…” – Anonymous

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