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Incredible Synchronicity

The word “synchronicity” was coined by the late eminent Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to describe “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events” or “the simultaneous occurrence of two meaningful but not causally connected events”.

This phenomenon refers to the meaningful coincidence between the inner state of an observer and an external event. The relationship is not explainable by cause and effect but by meaning.

Examples of this occurence are when you just finish thinking about a loved one and then s/he calls you on the telephone; or when the thought of a long-lost friend crosses your mind while you are on vacation in a foreign country – and then you run into him on the street a few moments later.

Now, here are some observations about this phenomenon:

First, it has been tSynchronicity_imagehe experience of many that as they become more aware of meaningful coincidences in their lives, the frequency of such occurrences increase.

Second, these events tend to occur at crucial moments in the observer’s life – times of need or crisis, times of creative tension or when there is to be a birth, death, marriage or other status-altering experience close by.

Third, though we may not scientifically prove the concept of synchronicity yet by acquiring the attitudes and mind set suggested in this website, this principle would explain how what we need would always come to us when and where we need it.

Harnessing Synchronicity

Though some persons may say the foregoing examples show the law of attraction at work, but by whatever name it is called, you can learn to “improve your luck” and bring more of what you enjoy into your life through happy meaningful coincidences that you trigger by maintaining the correct inner state.

This is not a case of “making things happen”, rather it is a matter of “attuning to events so they can happen”. In this way you command Nature to do for you things that you may have thought were beyond your human abilities. Your psychic state becomes a force that positions you at the right place at the right time to benefit.

Indeed, as Antero Alli wisely observed, “Yesterday they called it coincidence. Today it’s synchronicity. Tomorrow they’ll call it skill.”

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