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Bountiful Serendipity!

The term “serendipity” is defined as “the accidental discovery of something pleasant, valuable, or useful”. It refers to the phenomenon by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, while searching for something completely different.serendipity_image

The term was coined by the English author, Horace Walpole, based on a Persian fairy tale about The Three Princes of Serendip. These three men, while on a mission, always found other things that were not relevant to their mission but much needed otherwise, by means of a combination of their reasoning powers and happy good fortune.

This phenomenon is mentioned here because it has played a great role in the history of the greatest discoveries, inventions and breakthroughs of the modern world. It can also play an important part in the mastery of your life.

Note, however, this quote by the famous scientist Louis Pasteur, “in the field of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind”. Thus, you can never benefit from this quirk of providence unless your faculties are trained to recognize an accidental discovery as distinct from an accident.

Effective spirituality conditions you to be the kind of person who easily harnesses serendipity and other natural processes, having being prepared through the practice of certain key principles and acquired habits.

For instance, when you have acquired the habit of attentiveness you will not fail to note the significance of trivial details, overlooked by others,  that can turn an occurrence to your advantage.

When you are advanced in the cultivation of detachment and open-mindedness you can understand and explore new relationships, which can lead to beneficial breakthroughs.

When you habituate your mind to express gratitude for any circumstances that you encounter, then you are most likely to appreciate that an apparent accident is, in fact, an accidental discovery…

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