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Self Improvement

Self improvement is inevitable when one utilizes the creative processes that operate throughout Nature. In all self improvement, what really needs to be improved is the self-image or self-concept.

All personal growth always results from transforming your self-image. This is because a change in your sense of self invariably leads to a change in your attitudes, your words, your actions – and thus in your life experience. Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s famous book Psycho-Cybernetics, demonstrated this beyond reasonable doubt.

The expansion of our personal horizons and possibilities that results from an improved self-image empowers us to attain or attract our desires more quickly, more assuredly and more easily.

Since there is never any static state in the universe, every being is either growing and evolving or it is retrograding and declining. Whenever an entity appears to be static, it simply has a rate of growth that is equal to its rate of decline.

Therefore we must consciously aspire to better ourselves since to attempt to stay put is to fall behind in the scheme of things! I shall be leading you to some unique resources to assist your all-round personal development

However, we must work within the framework of a system persistently practised, for there to be any hope of success in this quest for a nobler sense of self. Otherwise, pitfalls, temptations and distractions would soon undermine us.self-improvement_image

The Two Strategies for Personal Growth

All forms of individual advancement fall under one of two types, which we may categorize as Nurturing and Neglect.
A person may attain cultural evolution by nurturing certain behavioural patterns, attitudes and ideas which s/he considers to be better than those s/he presently exhibits. This applies to the cultivation of virtues.

For instance, you may decide to improve the quality of your life by deliberately developing a positive mental attitude. You may save yourself from depression through the practice of “possibility thinking” or through learning to increase your faith in Life. On the other hand, a person also evolves by choosing to neglect behavioural patterns, attitudes and ideas which s/he considers to be of a lower standard than those s/he cares to exhibit.

Thus, you may deliberately starve your bad habits of attention and let them wither and die. However, it is by combining these two approaches that optimum personal development occurs. That is, you deliberately neglect your vices while at the same time you nourish your virtues with the power of your consciousness.

S.M.A.R.T. Improvement

Nature never permits any overnight jump from the status of a loser to that of a champion. Personal transformation usually proceeds so slowly that it is unnoticed. However, once a clear direction is chosen and a correct procedure persistently followed, change becomes inevitable – even rapid.

Any change or self improvement program (whether to attain a material or spiritual goal) must mobilize and focus your personal powers, while at the same time shielding you from the distractions or temptations that would derail you. This is best achieved by ensuring that your self improvement goal is SMART.

SMART is an acronym which incorporates the basic principles of effective goal setting. Thus, your self improvement goal must be:

S – specific

M – measurable or meaningful

A – action-oriented

R – realistic or reasonable

T – time-based

Any goal that you do not, or cannot, apply these rules to is likely to be too poorly defined for  you to achieve. Such a goal would be too vaguely conceived for you to believe – how then would you achieve it?  This program incorporates all the above principles and is guaranteed to take your life to new levels of creative fulfillment.

The ARTbundance™ training would help you discover the amazing self that is you. Its unique exercises would transform you through creative self discovery until you, too, would be a joyful inspiration to others who seek the richer, nobler life of originality, gratitude and service. This is a powerful boost for your personal blossoming, culminating in the recognition of your timeless self – the image of God that you are – the truth that sets free.

The ARTbundance™ training does not come cheap, but its benefits can be profound and life-changing. Its intimate and inspiring nature would definitely suit those ready to contact the universal fount of creative wisdom and power that would empower them to make positive changes in their lives.

Those fortunate enough to have taken this training know that its value goes beyond the monetary. Click here to download the testimonials (or, as they happily call it) ACTimonials of past graduates.

Finally, challenging as is the path of personal development, satisfying as are its rewards, yet we must always remember this quote by Zig Ziglar “Success is a not a destination, it’s a journey.” This journey never ends for the real winner, because s/he finds with Aristotle that “Excellence…is not an act, but a habit…We are what we repeatedly do.” This is the evolutionary process.