Meekness is the pathway to Glory…


Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.*

Who would you say has the attribute of meekness? Surely not someone who has been humbled through defeat by the challenges of life. More likely, it would be someone who has made great achievements yet has neither become affected nor pompous.

So what enables a person to be that way? What makes a person to remain unassuming when s/he has so much to be boastful about? More often than not, it would simply be because such a person is still aspiring to greater heights!

Thus, though he may seem to be at the pinnacle of success, it does not “go to his head” because for him, “the best is yet to come”. He has in view higher ideals…

Therefore, esoterically, this attribute represents IDEALISM . By this we mean the ability and habit of conceiving lofty aspirations and devoting oneself to the process of their attainment.

What is your concept of Infinite Intelligence or God? Can you imagine the state of Omnipotence? What of Omnipresence? And Omniscience? God possesses these attributes, yet we are told that we are in His image. Let God, for us, be our supreme ideal…

They that are down need fear no fall. It is not in base living that one displays spiritual humbleness, but in realizing our present weaknesses and striving to master them perfectly.

Surely, this kind of ceaseless striving to embody higher and higher ideals cannot fail to lead a person to the Palace of Glory. How aptly this sephiroth or dimension is called Hod (Glory)…

* – Matthew 5:5

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