Love is the Will of the universe, the Crown of all virtues.

It rules and structures all…

Philosophers have said that love rules the universe. Definitely, we know that it is the most love-rosepotent force to which all beings respond. Without friendships, there would be neither society nor civilization.

According to the Rev (Dr) Martin Luther King, Jnr, it is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend…

Affection is the bond that harmonizes creation into a single unity. Hence it is the key that gives access to the very highest forces of life. In fact, this attribute most closely symbolizes God, for it is the source, basis and sustainer of the Infinite intelligence of Life.

How is this so? You can best answer this question by examining the characteristics of affection. It is what makes a mother attentive to the faintest signal from her baby. It is what keeps a father interested in the well-being of his family.

What you feel affection for always makes you attentive and interested in it – you just can’t seem to take your mind away from whom or what you are fond of. This ATTENTIVENESS or INTEREST, therefore, is the main characteristic and esoteric meaning of fondness.

You must be truly attentive to any situation in order to master it. Such interest and attention reveal hitherto unseen factors and relationships that provide clues to the inner workings behind the situation.

How to bring more Love into your life

Incredible as it may seem, adoration is the one thing that none of us ever thinks they don’t need more of! Since, therefore, we cannot get too much of it, wise people always seek ways to increase the inflow of love into their lives. How? The old saying goes that to have friends you must be a friend.

Another axiom goes, “fragrance clings to the hand that gives roses…” If by your thoughts and deeds you show love to all those in your world, it is inevitable that affection will ever surround you. To know the specific things you should do in your own situation in order to stimulate the inflow of greater love into your life ask yourself these questions:

1. How can I be a more caring person?

2. How really interested am I in enhancing the harmony of my immediate surroundings?

3. How willing am I to only think and speak about others just as I would have them think and speak of me?

Remember, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” (John Maxwell). And once you convince the universe how much you really care – by your thoughts, words and deeds – it responds naturally, manifesting equivalent currents of affection and protection to envelope you.

Nothing brings out the best like it

Blessed indeed is s/he who has entered into the spirit of adoration. There is no greater healer of hurts, no stronger motivator to excellence and no gentler initiator to higher perspectives than the Suppliesloving disposition.

The affection symbolized by a mother’s kiss is often enough to make a child forget his fear and pain. The wealthiest among us often are they that labour for love rather than for lucre. The most inspired and perceptive of us often are they whose minds are dominated by impersonal devotion.

No matter your quest or endeavour, once love enters the picture it changes everything – energy, concentration, resources, inspiration and even fulfillment(!) become available to you at unprecedented levels. This is one of the spiritual keys to the life of mastery. Let it take you there!

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