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Mind Power

What is Mind Power?

Mind power refers to the effect of the thoughts or consciousness of a being on his/her body, circumstance or environment.

You and I both know that we have mind because we think. Mind power is a peculiar ability that is possessed by conscious beings. Thoughts are the currents of mind power.

This is the greatest power that humans possess. By its correct application, there is naught which may not be achieved, within the limits of Universal Law – no obstacles which may not be surmounted.

Indeed, by this means, a human being may so dominate and direct the affairs of his/her life as to be regarded as a veritable master of his/her existence.

Making the best use of mind power

There is one fact you must know: you cannot escape or avoid influencing the conditions of your life using mind power! By your thoughts and through your emotions you exert a force for good or ill.

Unfortunately, though, most of us, by our negative thoughts and feelings, tend to create for ourselves the very conditions we detest. Simply put, in the control of your thoughts (your consciousness) is the key to harnessing this great power. What you think feelingly, you create.

Robert Collier put this brilliantly and I paraphrase him below:“…realize in your daily life that ‘matter’ is merely an aggregation of protons and electrons subject entirely to the control of Mind; that your environment, your success, your happiness, are all of your own making… Mind – thought – is the only creator. The great business of life is thinking. Control your thoughts and you control circumstance.”

Formulas to harness your Mind power.

As earlier stated, you cannot escape or avoid influencing the conditions of your life using your thoughts. Having said that, it is evident that some individuals are more efficient in deploying their mental/spiritual powers to achieve seeming miracles.

Close study of the ways of such personalities have revealed two laws or “formulas” they apply. – which may be duplicated by any interested aspirant.

1. Any psychic (or mental) state consistently or habitually maintained becomes an archetypal force which constellates around itself a pattern, which includes being at the place and time necessary for its material fulfillment.

For example, if you manage to hang on to a happy, grateful state of mind in spite of trials and tribulations, invariably you would land in such circumstances that correspond to your happy, grateful thoughts.

On the other hand, if you persist in wallowing in gloomy,self-pitying thoughts in spite of all present opportunities you will find yourself on a downward spiral into greater despondency as unfortunate circumstances corresponding with your thoughts crystallize around you. See Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao

The second law or “formula”, which automatically includes the first, was expounded by no less a personage than Jesus Christ. However, I’d like to point out that there are many things that we do not consciously know that we believe! Only our actions would indicate whether or not we actually believe what we profess.

We must be sincere with ourselves. We may think that we believe something but if our actions show otherwise then we must let the evidence carry the day. For example, someone may think s/he has a wealth consciousness. But what if the evidence shows that s/he is very stingy and never willingly gives out a gift? Then such a person should know that s/he unconsciously believes in poverty rather than prosperity, else s/he would be generous!

Each must take the time to examine his or her beliefs about life periodically. It is what we believe that creates our reality. We harness the power of mind by changing the causes of our current experience – our beliefs. Here is the second (though ancient) formula:

2. If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth(Mark 9:23).

A whole new world of possibilities opens for us when we learn to use our beliefs as tools to create our desires. This is The Magic Of Believing, a great technique to master any circumstance.

Faculties manifest mindpower.

Since the powers of mind manifests through various faculties (for instance, imagination, reason, intuition and will, to name a few) we can also approach the harnessing of mind power by developing these faculties.

We can strengthen the muscles of the body by exercising them. Just so, we can enhance our mental faculties through regular use. Calling on the mental faculties, expecting them to respond, awakens them to higher functioning.

However, the mind is so limitless that we cannot say we know all its faculties. Often, in the course of solving a problem that means much to us, we mobilize some nameless faculty that produces the required solution. Such is the nature of so-called “miracles”…

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Thought is unlimited in it’s potential to create

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