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Joy is the Wisdom of existence…

“Happy is the man that findeth wisdom…”

Joy is the preferred emotion that most of us want to feel most of the time. It is the chief characteristic of the state of happiness. However, the world is such that unless you deliberately create it in your life, happiness comes only once in a blue moon.


So how does gladness of heart enable you to be a greater achiever? The words of the enlightened show that the divine view of any situation is always delightful. In other words, having feelings of despondency, sadness or hopelessness about a situation indicate that you have not yet arrived at the correct interpretation of the situation. Ceaseless joy and optimism are inseparable from successful living.

You become glad at heart whenever you see things from a perspective that makes you appreciative. Indeed, whenever you are grateful, you are cheerful. Therefore the esoteric meaning of joy is GRATITUDE .

The relevance of this to achievement is that gratitude is the cosmic law of increase. Whatever you are sincerely grateful for increases in your reality. If you appreciate it, it appreciates in your life. Nature always reveals opportunities for you to secure more of what you are genuinely thankful for. Only through experience can you confirm the truth of these words…

Attaining Gratitude

The state of gratitude may be attained through the practice of some simple exercises of attuning oneself to felicity. Thus, take some time daily to:

1. Count your blessings. Yes, simply list all the assets that make you happy. These may be material things like a car, cash in the bank or an attractive body. They could be immaterial things like advantageous friendships, personal attributes like high intelligence, etc. List them – and give thanks.

2. Think of the positive possibilities of your situation. What if your best dreams came true?

3. Engage in some wholesome activity that gives you joy – listen to some good music, go for a walk, and so on.

4. Last, but not least, if none of the above techniques have worked for you really need a reason to be brimming over with gratitude, then take this course. Even before you finish it you’ll be happy as a baby! You’ll go at your own pace and at the end of it you’d have had such fun and you’ll be steeped in the spirit of gratitude. What’s more – at the end of the e-course, you’ll have some beautiful works to show for it which would always link you to the sunny side of life…

“We that have received all from God are obliged to be grateful” – Anonymous

Yes, being alive is evidence that you have received the greatest gift the Universe can bestow. So please join in enjoying the funny stories, the anecdotes and the creative self-discovery which would put your mind in the appreciative mode that attracts greater prosperity. Act now!

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