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“…Prayer is really a consultation between the two selves of man. It is an appeal from the mortal mind to the immortal mind of Self within. The answer to a prayer, the mystic knows, is actually an insight into Divine wisdom through proper attunement…”  – Ralph M. Lewis (in The Sanctuary of Self)

God Already Knows Your Needs – So Why Pray?

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“Prayer should be understood, not as a mere mechanical recitation of formulas, but as a mystical evaluation, an absorption of consciousness in the contemplation of a principle both permeating and transcending our world. It is incomprehensible to philosophers and scientists, and inaccessible to them; But the simple seem to feel God as easily as the heat of the sun or the kindness of a friend.” – Dr. Alexis Carrel (in Man, the Unknown)

“Know that all these apparitions which sometimes take the form of angel-like visions or vicious devils, are like smoke which cannot do any real good or harm of itself. These demons are truly powerless and cannot take even a hair from yourhead. These beings can only act through fear, which a man allows to arise in himself.

There lies the danger! But a strong prayer dispels all such phantoms. Occasionally praying monks see light surrounding them. This is also a temptation of evil which by use of phenomena tries to create pride and a sense of superiority in the careless person. A wise man pays no attention to such things, being securely attached to his spiritual endeavours. ” – Seraphim of Sarov (18th Century)

“The Holy Scripture is a collection of historic events, whose roots are in the world of archetypes. In order to make every prayer more efficacious, it is necessary to attach it to the fact that is its celestial archetype…” – Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

“Whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap,” is inscribed in flaming letters upon the portal of Eternity, and none can deny it, none can cheat it, none can escape it.  He who puts his hand in the fire must suffer the burning until such time as it has worked itself out, and neither curses nor prayers can avail to alter it.” – James Allen

“Make your whole life a prayer and do not agitate your spirit by useless words or hurried actions.” – Anonymous

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” – Meister Eckhart

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