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Inspirational quotes give you access to the distilled wisdom of others. The  “greats” who have gone before you had insights that empowered them to leave their footprints in the sands of time. Let their words guide you to discern the spiritual laws that govern life.

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Angels, Aspiration, Assistance, Attentiveness, Beauty, Been-there-done-that wise words,

Boldness, Commitment, Confidence, Creativity, Detachment, Dreams, Devil, Expectations,

Faith, Forgiveness, Gentleness, God, Goodness, Gratitude, Happiness, Idealism, Integrity,

Imagination, Joy, Kabbalah, Law of Attraction, Limitations, Love (or, affection), Magic,

Meditation, Meekness, Metaphysical, Method, Mind Power, Miracles, Money, Morality,

Natural Law, Originality, Patience, Peace, Personal Power, Prayer, Self help, Serendipity,

Service, Spiritual, Suggestion, Supernatural, Superstition, Synchronicity, Temperance,

Virtue, YOU

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