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Goodness is the essence of Beauty…

By what do you gauge the goodness of something or someone? If you (like most of us) consider that which hinders your progress as bad, then you would consider as it’s opposite that which furthers your purposes.

Therefore, the usefulness of a thing with respect to your purpose is what determines your assessment of it as riggoodness_imageht (or wrong). In a similar manner does your fellowman assess you – by your degree of usefulness to him – how much you contribute to his welfare, how well you serve the cause of his happiness.

The esoteric meaning of this attribute, therefore, is SERVICE . It is by serving that you become deserving. You reap what you sow. By the universal law of cause and effect, your every thought, word or deed sets in motion a corresponding fortunate or unfortunate result which you must enjoy or suffer at some future point.

Do you want to be fortunate? Then serve unselfishly. Share happiness with others. Scientifically build up your store of virtue and positive things will start to happen to you and around you.

This would all be according to natural law. Not by trial and error, not by chance, not by hit and miss. This is just one of the ways in which you may apply universal laws to benefit yourself and others.

(By the way, this organization is foremost in teaching about applying universal laws and your spiritual powers in this and other happy ways.)

“He who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured his own” – Confucius

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