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Healing Your Own Energy

Your energy is what determines the quality of your existence. Your life changes with the level of your awareness. Spirituality is really a quest for an awareness of the sublimest energy of the Universal Spirit. When your personal energy flows in sync with the Source of all energy, you enjoy happiness and fulfillment. However, whenever […]

How To Ask For A Miracle

There is always a formula behind anything that works – including miracles! After you read the story below, you may agree with me that, consciously or inadvertently, the miracle resulted from using three simple spiritual laws. 1 – The law of Vision “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the […]

Top Ten Differences Between Spirituality And Religion

-by John D’silva, www.effective-spirituality.com Although spirituality transcends any religion, it is the goal of all religions. In discussing the differences between two broad subjects as religion and spirituality one necessarily has to speak in generalities because some of these points apply more to some religions than others . So it is best that you catch […]