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Healing Your Own Energy

Your energy is what determines the quality of your existence. Your life changes with the level of your awareness. Spirituality is really a quest for an awareness of the sublimest energy of the Universal Spirit. When your personal energy flows in sync with the Source of all energy, you enjoy happiness and fulfillment. However, whenever […]

7,000 Hours Of Meditation – Ph.D in Happiness

Would you like to get a Ph.D in happiness? Well, regular meditation is the tested route to such a superlative attainment. It is now commonly accepted that mind is the sole reality. Thought is life. Therefore, through the mastery of thought you advance in the mastery of life. Meditation aims at mastering thought, hence its […]

4 Easy Habits to Strengthen Your Love

Habits and rituals are an integral part of any person’s spiritual life. Therefore, cultivating the right habits can enhance your growth in spirituality and personal influence. True spirituality ought to simplify and intensify your experience of life, while improving your relationship with the world around you. Some simple habits that would automatically improve the spiritual […]

Your Rituals Before A Performance Makes All The Difference…

You can actually use carefully chosen pre-performance rituals to bring out your very best in any performance situation, thereby impacting lives and making a difference. This is not superstition or any old wife’s tale, but solid science. Elite athletes, celebrities and other top performers use rituals in this way. You too can learn to use […]

Master Your Ego and Reach Your Full Potential

You can never be the best that you can be until you first see yourself as you truly are. However, your ego is apt to get in the way of this crucial, sometimes painful, self-observation. As the influential spiritual teacher, Gurdjieff said, “Self-observation brings man to the realization of the necessity of self-change. And in […]

The Spirituality Of Protest

True spirituality entails being open to guidance from the Source of all, however you may conceive that Source to be. A person under such guidance may best be described as “a walking question mark”, always seeking for truth and justice in all things. However, just as spirituality springs from inner conviction, most times, so does […]

Spirituality Is The Father Of All Excellence

– by John D’silva, www.effective-spirituality.com The Collins English Dictionary gives one definition of the term “Spiritual” as “relating to people’s thoughts and beliefs, rather than to their bodies and physical surroundings.” The same dictionary defines “Spirituality” as “the state or quality of being dedicated to God, …or spiritual things or values,… as contrasted with material […]

Top Ten Differences Between Spirituality And Religion

-by John D’silva, www.effective-spirituality.com Although spirituality transcends any religion, it is the goal of all religions. In discussing the differences between two broad subjects as religion and spirituality one necessarily has to speak in generalities because some of these points apply more to some religions than others . So it is best that you catch […]

“They live in paradise, but they don’t even know…”*

-by John D’Silva, www.effective-spirituality.com Are you one of them? You may be if: You wake up very refreshed from a good night’s rest and you don’t even smile or give thanks for your safety through the terrors of the night. You open the window, breathe in deeply of the fresh air and feel the vitality […]

The 3 Crucial Stages of Excellence

-by John D’Silva, www.effective-spirituality.com Excellence has been defined as the quality of being so unusually good as to surpass ordinary standards. It is such a valuable and captivating attribute that it usually commands our respect and emulation. Yet, there are definitive stages in the life of excellence… The Seeker As a seeker, you would have […]