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7,000 Hours Of Meditation – Ph.D in Happiness

Would you like to get a Ph.D in happiness? Well, regular meditation is the tested route to such a superlative attainment. It is now commonly accepted that mind is the sole reality. Thought is life. Therefore, through the mastery of thought you advance in the mastery of life. Meditation aims at mastering thought, hence its […]

Freedom Comes As We Let Go Of Having To Tell Our Story

Spiritually, you have only two choices in life – you can either choose to be a victim, at the mercy of random forces or you can choose to be a warrior, fighting to master your awareness and through that, your existence. Yet, spiritual freedom comes at a price. In the words of the Chinese sage […]

“They live in paradise, but they don’t even know…”*

-by John D’Silva, www.effective-spirituality.com Are you one of them? You may be if: You wake up very refreshed from a good night’s rest and you don’t even smile or give thanks for your safety through the terrors of the night. You open the window, breathe in deeply of the fresh air and feel the vitality […]

Forming and Breaking Habits

-by John D’Silva, www.effective-spirituality.com (This was an address I gave to a group of youngsters sometime ago. They told me they enjoyed it so much. So I am publishing it here because other age categories may also find it useful. Thank you) A habit is a form of behavior that occurs without conscious effort.  As an […]

Beating the Blues – 5 Quick Easy Tips to Find More Happiness

-by John D’Silva, www.effective-spirituality.com Next to the gift of life itself, happiness is the greatest treasure we all seek. Hope for a happier future is a key component of survivrability, that is, the ability to remain alive or continue to exist. In this context, other factors such as eating a balanced diet, getting adequate sleep […]