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Healing Your Own Energy

Your energy is what determines the quality of your existence. Your life changes with the level of your awareness. Spirituality is really a quest for an awareness of the sublimest energy of the Universal Spirit.


When your personal energy flows in sync with the Source of all energy, you enjoy happiness and fulfillment.

However, whenever there is any form of interference with your energetic attunement with the Source, unfortunate things start to happen. Then you need to heal your energy field.

It matters little if the interference is caused by your own bad thoughts or bad vibes coming from other people – the techniques given below rapidly restores you to a state of empowerment.

We can become more empowered by realizing that we are powerful beings with consciousness, free will, and the ability to choose how we use our loving attention in every moment.

When we realize we are not victims, but instead, captains able to steer our own ships, we can no longer hide in the shadows of our journey, but need to stand front and center of our lives and make the choices that need to be made.

Energetic self-healing is done through purposely using your attention to direct the movement of your energy…

Now for the 3 Ways To Heal Your Own Energy (full article)

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