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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Beating the Blues – 5 Quick Easy Tips to Find More Happiness

-by John D’Silva, www.effective-spirituality.com Next to the gift of life itself, happiness is the greatest treasure we all seek. Hope for a happier future is a key component of survivrability, that is, the ability to remain alive or continue to exist. In this context, other factors such as eating a balanced diet, getting adequate sleep […]

5 Wonderful “Whys” To Cultivate Habits Of Excellence

-by John D’Silva, www.effective-spirituality.com Just as one may become a criminal by frequent association with crime, so the mind takes on the nature of the influences which dominate or fascinate it. This understanding motivates us to cultivate positive emotions assiduously. The Unguarded Moment There was an aspiring preacher, who dreamed of having his own congregation. […]

5 Quick Tips to Bless Your Life Through the Power of Forgiveness

-by John D’Silva, www.effective-spirituality.com It is commonly said that to err is human but to forgive divine. Be that as it may, forgiveness is a quality that we humans need to cultivate assiduously. Some of the benefits we stand to gain from such culture include healing, peace of mind, aliveness, self-acceptance and the chance to […]

Self Improvement -Top 10 Reasons Why You Must Strive For Excellence

-by John D’Silva, www.effective-spirituality.com What’s the point in being up and doing when you can just get by. Why strive for laurels and luxuries when you could just coast along all through life? #1 – Respect They say love is given but respect is earned. There is no better way to earn self-respect and the […]

Spirituality Advice – Are You Making Any of These 3 Deadly Mistakes in Your Search for Truth?

-by John D’Silva, www.effective-spirituality.com People embark on the spiritual path for various reasons. These could be to find protection, healing, wisdom, empowerment to achieve, meaning in life and so on. However, certain mistakes must be avoided if one is to find a valid spiritual path or determine if s/he has already found one. Three of […]